I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer at age 30. Given up to one year to live by medical professionals.

That was 10+ years ago, November 22, 2005. I have only had ONE round of chemo, which almost killed me. Since then, I have chosen more wisely. True self care.

I am alive today partly because I did NOT overwhelm my immune system with chemo poisons. Instead, I chose to nourish my mind, body and spirit with holistic healing medicines and therapies.

This is my platform for sharing my most authentic thoughts on healthy living, alternative, complimentary and integrative treatment options and connecting with you.


How I get through my days as a Stage 4 cancer patient medicating with cannabis…

In this video I wanted to share a bit about how I am able to manage getting through my days, medicated on cannabis. Since I am a cancer patient who has just healed myself with cannabis, I figured others out there may want to know how medicating with cannabis during the days can be manageable. It all depends on what you choose to consume and how you dose the medicine in the many forms it is provided to us by medicine providers. 🙂 I will continue to do these video blogs to share with you my tips on living with more quality in your lives but for now… gotta run to some meetings so I will reconnect with you all tomorrow. Hope this start helps!

Sunday Funday Juicing!

Being that I get so many inquiries asking what all I juice and how I juice it up… I thought I would start by sharing a little of my world through video blogs. I like to learn by watching videos and documentaries so I thought this would be a good way to teach what I have learned and, what just feels right. To LIVE more ORGANIC with what you choose to put in your body. Because your body will show you how grateful it is and express a big THANK YOU! 🙂

Dear Cancer, F*ck you very much…


On November 22, 2005 you invaded my body with much shock and surprise. Clearly, you were on a determined mission. Those in the medical field informed me that I had only nine months to a year to live. I was only 30 years old. I’ve got to hand it to you… you were good at masking yourself! It was certainly a wake up call. But I suppose I needed it. Perhaps, it was a powerful message that I wasn’t living my best “quality of life”. I simply was not aware of it at the time. As a young adult, I was intensely focused on work and taking care of my family. All the while I had forgotten about self-preservation. My sanctuary. And then you came along, without warning, and thrust your toxicity into my bloodstream. Insidiously, you crept in to annihilate my body’s immune cells. You even deceived THREE different doctors who all informed me I was too young for you. But I wasn’t. Once your true identity was discovered, you led us all to believe that my life was soon to end. The “take home message” from the oncologist was to find “quality of life” for the shortened time I had left. So, I did. And I continue to do that today.

Your wicked ways roused a battle cry that had been lurking deep within me! Thankfully, a lot of influential and loving people came into my life. Healers began to teach me how to heal. They taught me how to ask for help when I became overwhelmed. An Integrative Oncologist educated and inspired me to WANT to change my ways, which meant changing my lifestyle. I recall inhaling life like I had never breathed it in before. Diet, nutrition, supplements, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, friends, animal therapy and support groups became the potent cocktail that I would use against you. I was desperate for anything I could get my mind on and heart wrapped around so that I might live longer. I FULLY COMMITTED to this drastic change in lifestyle in order to survive. I didn’t want to die! I fought you so hard. I had no idea that I was that strong. A powerful and life changing transformation began taking place within me, I became hungry and horny for life. Although I was full of furious anger, I remained focused on the many ways I could educate myself about you. With that education, I came to believe that I could kick your ass out of my body. And, I did!!

I am so grateful for the dedicated commitment I have made to rid my body of you. I admit, there have been several physical sacrifices that I have been forced to accept during our road-trip together. That road was paved with the hell of chemotherapy, multiple surgeries, side effects, reactions, radiation, temporary loss of hair, and psychosocial challenges. The most heartfelt loss, the feeling I felt when being told that children were no longer possible. But I must remind you… I AM STILL HERE! And you… ARE NOT! Recently, I have healed myself from the most recent “go round” with my new best friend, cannabis. I have never felt more confident in surviving your wrath. Your unwelcome presence in my life thankfully propelled me into yet another world of advocacy. Today, I am a walking testimony to the fact that cannabis has given me the upper hand on you. I feel that I can conquer the impossible. Because, I just did. And that is why I can boldly proclaim, without fear to you cancer… FUCK YOU VERY MUCH!

Peace, love and CANCER FREE!


LIVE ORGANIC: Not Just What You Eat; But In the Relationships You Keep


Living organic is not just the food you put in your body; but it’s the choices you make on how you treat yourself in a much broader sense – physically, mentally, spiritually and socially. It has to do with the way you interact with the people around you; and the way you treat yourself every day. It’s about being in a constant state of appreciation and gratitude; and remembering that the golden rule is also about doing right by yourself.

Eating organic is an essential part of the plan; but it needs to accompany exercise, mediation and yoga; along with a lifestyle that is about kindness, forgiveness, giving and most importantly being of service to people, animals and the environment. And don’t forget yourself!

I’m convinced part of what attracted cancer into my life is the way I was treating myself and my body before I was diagnosed. I never stopped to smell the roses; I just assumed there’d be time.

Be real, raw and authentic.

Let thy food be thy medicine; let thy medicine be they food


Thankfully, through the good ol’ route of knowing somebody who knew somebody, I was connected to my best-kept secret… weapon against cancer that is! Didn’t know it at the time. But my saving grace moment came from when I met my Integrative Oncologist. He quickly became my guru of very wise teachings. In many areas of life. He is, to me, THE BEST! He helped me save my life right from the beginning of this journey. But sadly, he is also the most unappreciated and under recognized physician practicing his specialties in the complimentary and integrative world of medicine. Probably because the traditional world of medicine still does not recognize or even suggest a possible collaboration of eastern and western medical remedies together. Closed minds get us no where. In my opinion, folks like him that do the work they do should be given a much broader platform to stand on. And perhaps, with acceptance and support from the traditional medical world, their “outside the box” antics and teachings would be more openly received and considered. Especially by the patient community. After all, it’s our bodies and we have say of what goes in right? We are in charge and it’s up to us to make these kinds of potentially life saving decisions for ourselves. But we gotta know our options! Read More

Food is NOT Enough


Before being diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, I had never really known too much about taking supplements. There was a lack of education through my schooling supporting the idea of adding supplements to a good baseline, healthy diet. Because where I grew up, Dairy Queen was about as healthy as it got. Much like I had never known of sushi before moving to California (that was an interesting introduction). Growing up in Texas, sushi wasn’t a real popular item on any lunch or dinner menus. There is no doubt that where you live can easily affect how you live. And one of the greatest things about living in California is that most folks are pretty health conscious. Which means, active outside. But what if you don’t live in a “let’s get outside” kind of city, town or state? Well, you’ve got to think of other ways of getting vitamin D in then. Along with other valuable supplements that will help aid in your every day QUALITY OF LIFE. My list consists of taking 52 supplements a day. Used to be 76 supplements but since I am now CANCER FREE AGAIN, good ol Dr. Conklin made some cool changes to my list and gave me a break (somewhat) from having to inhale so many pills. Ahhh if they could only make everything these days in liquid tincture forms. Because probably like you, I cant stand taking all those pills. Just a fact. Hard to swallow and the nasty gag reflexes start kicking in! But until that happens… it’s #whateverittakes !

Medical marijuana healed me both physically and spiritually

After fighting three bouts of cancer using chemotherapy, surgery and radiation I thought I could handle anything; but these types of treatment’s left me feeling miserable and frankly, they almost killed me.

I got my fourth diagnosis in 2013 and the last thing I was willing to do was put my body through all that again; and that’s when I got turned on to medical marijuana.

It was a friend of a friend who first introduced me to this alternative medicine which I now believe to be the main factor in not only my return to good health, but renewed vigor for life.

Medical marijuana healed me both physical and spiritually – and since I treated and healed my cancer with it, I have become an advocate for access to this medicine for patients;  and a consultant for patients and their families.

Read More

Take a look at the company you keep


Ok, so what about living organic in your relationships and how does that work exactly? It means, understand the company your keeping. That’s what it means. They say there are acquaintances and then there are friends. Then there are bosses and coworkers. But that’s a whole other story! HA! When you think about the folks you have the closest relationships with… ask yourself this question: Do they compliment my life? In other words, do you think of them as giving to you and/or your relationship most all the time or do you perhaps FEEL as though they are constantly taking from you? Even, draining at times. A good healthy balance is hard to find through every relationship because sometimes, it’s work. And maybe more work than you wish to put in, depending. Toxic relationships can make you sick. I really feel that’s part of what happened to me. I got lost in several toxic relationships at the time and, one by one had to start withdrawing in the best ways I knew how in order to remove myself from any further stress. I had to clean house! And that ranged all the way from my boss to some friends and even some family members. I had to do what was right for me. Whether others understood or not. It was my call to make. Just as it is your call to make.

We are responsible for who we allow into our inner circles. In our inner sanctuary of sound mind, body and soul. Obviously, we cannot control who comes into our lives at times. But we sure have say who stays and who goes. And if it is time for YOU to start “cleaning house” then… what are you waiting for? Really! Start putting yourself on the very front burner, instead of the back, and consider all the relationships in your life and which ones make you feel good and which ones could fade away. And, you would be ok.

Authentic, NO BULLSHIT, nondraining, healthy relationships became a focus within me to also help heal myself. And I can tell you it was one of THE BEST decisions I ever made for myself. Weights were lifted! Because ultimately, we don’t have time for anything less than quality in our lives. And that goes for our intimate relationships too. So again, take a look at the company you keep. And understand the level of “quality of life” kinda company you are choosing to have in your world. Cleaning house could save your life.

Breast Preservation Foundation: Stephanie LaRue

Diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer at 30.
After multiple misdiagnoses and being told repeatedly she was too young to have breast cancer, Stefanie was diagnosed with aggressive, life-threatening, stage 4 metastatic cancer in her right breast in November 2005. She was given one year to live. She was 30 years old.
Within three weeks of her diagnosis, she started chemotherapy. Her lump measured over 8 centimeters.

After chemo she had surgery to remove the cancer. But her margins were not clear, so another surgery followed. She was left with only skin and a nipple on the right side of her chest. Her breast surgeon had scraped all the way down to the chest wall removing all the breast tissue possible but sparing the skin. Despite the advanced stage of her cancer, she got to keep the outside of her breast because she had a skin-sparing mastectomy. A plastic surgeon was later able to reconstruct her breast, restoring her shape, her femininity and her sexuality.